Sunday, 21 December 2014

Our Year in Review

Our year in review

It’s been a mega year and it’s hard to believe that Two Square Pegs only began in July this year. I’d like to share with you some of the highs and the lows as well as the milestones from our journey over this period.

Growing and achieving in 2014

So far we have registered over 250 people to Two Square Pegs. We’ve connected with 45 businesses, built an amazing pool of experts, matched people and created twenty jobs in small businesses for ongoing work. It’s been an exciting start.

Two Square Pegs moved from an idea through start-up to growth since finishing the Founder Institute in August. The Founder Institute provided an all-important kick-start to refining and designing the business idea and the Founder Institute graduates have been a great community to be part of.

Growing our team

I love my team and I’m so fortunate that these talented people have come on board! Many of you have already met John Field, our business advisor, who has been intimately involved in helping start-ups and small enterprises diagnose their business needs.
Behind the scenes we have: Luke Stephenson, web developer extraordinaire; Bridie Walsh, communications advisor, Parag Kandekar, our finance person and introducing Peter Smyth who will be taking care of operations and managing projects in the new year.
The team has also been supported by a number of contributors and partners making valuable contributions — thank you to all involved in big and small ways. Special mention to Matt Allen, Carolyn Tate, Richard Meredith, Bambi Price, George Siosi Samuels, Sally Gatenby and Anna Reeves for their support.

Events and in the media

Collaborations have been instrumental in developing and connecting people and businesses. We ran an event in conjunction with Startup Victoria to run a wonderful event involving 300 start-ups and 12 Two Square Pegs experts were on hand to offer advice.

We were also fortunate to be shortlisted in The Australian Centre for Social Innovation (TACSI) grant for Innovation in Aging. We were taken through their 2 day workshop with TACSI providing useful information for developing a social enterprise that addresses the issues of ageing in the workforce in Australia. We then pitched Two Square Pegs to a panel in early November.

Whilst we did not win we are pleased to congratulate SeniorPrenuers, Test Kitchen and Boomers Power the Community who we expect to contribute significantly to improving the wellbeing of people well into the future. We will also share some of lessons learnt from pitching our social enterprise in a later blog.

StartupSmart Daily featured an article on Two Square Pegs. Plus I was interviewed on This Week in Startups Audio (TWISTA) for a radio podcast that will air in February.

Some of you might be interested in how my father inspired me to start Two Square Pegs. Watch the “Do you have a TED talk in you?” video where I share my vision.

Building community and diversity

It has been so exciting to be connecting with like-minded experts and businesses. We keep meeting innovative and socially minded people who are transforming the way business and work is done.
We’ve had the chance to meet many of you to hear the challenges you personally face as a business or a mature expert. There are so many opportunities to create more inter-generational conversations in the workplace that benefits everyone.

Businesses shared the three main areas they struggle with: sales and marketing, technology and finance. There are mature experts who can solve these issues, with strong knowledge in these areas. The challenge facing both businesses and experts is staying up-to-date with the rapid changes in technology — this is something we all need to be upskilling on, even the savviest of tech-heads.

What to expect in 2015

Our first collaborative learning event Connect, collaborate and grow will be run with The Slow School of Business on 29 January 2015. Especially for businesses, you will help set up your goals for 2015 and be connected with people who can help get you there.

Two Square Pegs will also be working with the Boroondara Council small business community to connect them to experts who can support their business growth and success. This is a trial that we hope will benefit both.
Expect more events throughout the year, regular tips and tools for experts and businesses in our e-newsletter that kicks off in January. Sign up to keep updated.

We are looking forward to matching more experts into roles and helping more small businesses grow into successful companies in 2015.

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