Monday, 9 February 2015

Pitch your skills to solve hiring manager’s business pain

by Liz Ryan via Forbes

Are you applying for jobs with a “mewly, please-like-me” approach that just isn’t working? Forbes contributor Liz Ryan thinks so.

Ouch!! That hurts, doesn’t it? Instead of skulking away to lick your wounds, think about that pain. Then think of the pain the hiring business is going through, and why they need you.

“If there’s no pain, there’s no new hire,” says Ryan, CEO and founder of Human Workplace. She says we hurt ourselves during the job search, including opening ourselves up to age discrimination, when we make our job pitch about us.
Ryan’s advice is to “think like salespeople and zero in on the business pain likely to be keeping our hiring manager up at night”.

Sell yourself, instead of selling yourself short, and get that next job. <<Read more via Forbes>>


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