Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Tips from: Diversity the X-factor in Innovation July Workshop

Running your own business can be a challenge, that’s why getting expert advice is key.
This is why we held the Diversity the X-factor in Innovation workshop on July 14th at Inspire9 as part of the Small Business Festival.
Two Square Pegs brought together a range of experts that aptness spanned from
management, operations, sales, marketing and communications and digital.

In the workshop, new business owners were matched with experts in rotating breakout groups so they could get a taste of what it’s like to bring their business problem or issue to the table and receive expert advice.

What great advice can do for your business

After meeting with the experts each business owner had excellent take-away actions they could apply to their business straight away.
“One of the struggles I am having is how my members are communicating with each other,” says Sam Kurikawa who runs Give Get, an exchange service for entrepreneurs and freelancers where people provide value instead of cash transactions. “I want to make more instantaneous connections with them easier, whether through Facebook or a Slack channel.” The value for Sam was the power of bouncing ideas that sparked new ideas for her own business.
“I’m a big believer in diversity and diversity of ideas,” she says. “I thought it would be great to chat to people who had walked down a similar or different path and who can give me different perspectives on my business.”
The question on ‘how to do things better’ in his business brought Chris Kemp to the Diversity the X-factor workshop. His business, Melbourne Plant Sales, run pop up stores and bring the best plants from the outer suburban nurseries to the people in the city.
“We think we are onto a good idea and we just wanted to get the policies and procedures in place to keep growing,” Chris explains. “Today I received great marketing tips for our website, about how to create a call to action. We looked at planning out our future, creating a spreadsheet and crunching some numbers.”
Zoran Radicic is an IT specialist who provides a personalised service for small businesses. “I just realised I am basically an outsourced IT department for small business. I never thought about it from that angle until this moment.”
The new perspective has given him momentum for how he can market himself to small businesses, something he had been struggling with. He says, “I always try to learn things. Another set of eyes on your business or program always helps. It changes your way of thinking and opens up opportunities for improvement.”
“I had a great takeaway about how to communicate and simplify my message,” says lawyer Meldon D’Cruz. He was focused on the day-to-day legal aspects of his business service but was struggling to get his website and IT up off the ground. The marketing and digital advice he received helped shape his communications strategy. “Instead of giving all my content to my customers at the one time I will give clients three clear key points. I’m going to put that into my action plan straight away.”
Thanks to those who joined us both speakers and participants. The business advice, inspiration and connections for each business owner was invaluable.

Register now and get results for your business by joining the next Two Square Pegs event on 8 September 2016: The City of Yarra Speed Networking for Businesses.

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